Glossary of Terms

Navigating Your Course On The World Wide Web!

Browser -- A software program used to access or "view" material prepared for the World Wide Web by "pointing" at information located on a Web server. Netscape and Mosaic are examples of popular browsers.

Domain Name -- A primary URL used to specify the address of a network on the World Wide Web.

Email Link -- A hyperlink to electronic mail; email is one type of Internet information tool.

Home Page -- The base Web document or point of entry for information about the products and services a business provides. Home pages can be linked to other documents providing related information by means of hyperlinks.p> Hyperlink -- A word, phrase, picture, or multimedia icon that can be "clicked" on to quot;jump" you to related information in other documents on the same computer or on other computer systems throughout the network.

Internet -- The global, decentralized computer system that provides free information to remote computer locations linked by phone lines; the Internet provides unlimited access to email, files, databases, and computers throughout the world.

Multimedia Effect -- Textual, graphical, audio, video, or other means of transmitting information on the Internet.

Online -- Refers to a computer system remaining up and running with no interruption of service or "downtime"; online may also refer to maintaining access to the World Wide Web through phone line connections.

Search Engine -- An information service (such as Yahoo) that distributes information on the World Wide Web.

Server -- A software program that runs on a networked computer that responds to requests for file information from programs running on other networked computers.

URL ((Uniform Resource Locator) -- An address to a specific site on the World Wide Web.

T1 Line -- A high capacity digital connection that can transmit data at speeds as high as 1.5 million bits per second; may be used for voice traffic as well as computer-to-computer data exchange.

Web Site -- A networked computer location on the Internet from which you can access the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web -- A global, interactive, cross-platform hypermedia information system that runs over the Internet; the newest of the Internet information tools, also referred to as the "Web."

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